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TOB for TOTS: A Retreat

“The ‘affirmation of the person’ is nothing other than welcoming the gift, which, through reciprocity, creates the communion of persons.” Theology of the Body 15:4 How do we convince our children that they are a gift?  How do we assure … Continue reading

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Caring For Little Body Parts: It’s How We Care For The Soul

She was nice about it.  She talked to my son with a smile on her face as she patiently showed him how to brush his teeth more thoroughly.  “In fact, why don’t I give you a little timer, so you … Continue reading

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Peeing In The Parking Lot–And Other Languages Of The Body

I wanted to share my latest post over at CatholicMom with you.  Potty training has created a fabulous window of opportunity for discussing the language of the body and the concept of self-mastery with my four-year-old.  Here’s a sample: “Did … Continue reading

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Better Than Ranch Dressing: The Art Of Distraction

“That’s me!” Her blue eyes sparkled as she smiled, and she pointed to the holy card pinched between  her chubby fingers.  I’d handed it to her out of desperation, hoping the pretty illustration would distract her from wriggling out of … Continue reading

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