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Holding On To The High Chair: What Our Stashed and Stored Baby Items Reveal About Hope and Trust

  I’ve reached an age where many of my peers are letting go of their baby items.  Whether it’s a huge garage sale, advertising items for sale on social media, or giving away items to others who can use them, … Continue reading

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Letting God In Our Bedroom–The Best Thing We’ve Ever Done

I was visiting with a priest the other day, and he was expressing his frustration over his parish’s negative response to his efforts to promote natural family planning. My heart went out to him.  Here is a priest who, although … Continue reading

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Witness To The Truth

Natural Family Planning Awareness Week starts today.  Below is the witness talk my husband and I gave at each Mass this weekend.  Please read and share with others to spread the good news about God’s plan for love and marriage! … Continue reading

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