Purity in Serving Others

When we serve others through the actions of our bodies, we manifest the message of love that lives in our hearts.


We have already seen countless images of Pope Francis embracing all forms of humanity, washing feet, kissing babies, and allowing children to give in to their impulse to reach out and touch him.  We hear stories of him sneaking out at night to serve the poor, and we see the way he humbly cares for his physical needs, thereby living out his message to distribute the goods of the world evenly amongst its inhabitants.


Call it being nice; call it the Corporal Works of Mercy; call it what you will–Pope Francis embodies love in the way he physically serves others.


So, too, can we encourage our children to reach beyond themselves and maintain a pure heart by learning to love fully with their entire beings.


Feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick, visiting the imprisoned, and burying the dead are all works of mercy that can be lived out by all ages in little ways and big ways.


Getting a drink of water for a younger sibling, putting clean laundry away, being patient with an ill family member, and respectfully visiting a cemetery are all ways that even young children can educate their bodies in the discipline of love and purity.


Consider ways that your family can serve others, both inside the walls of your home and outside.  Cultivate the seeds of generosity, sacrifice, love, and self-discipline, and you will continue your journey down the path of purity.


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