Patron Saints

Blessed-JohnPaulIISaint John Paul II

Saint John Paul II was canonized on April 27, 2014.  Serving as Pope of the Catholic Church from 1978 until his death in 2005, Saint John Paul II was one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century.  The author of the Theology of the Body, as well as numerous other works on the subject of marriage and family, he is well loved by young and old alike.

Saint John Paul II, pray for us!

1_21_St Agnes best

St. Agnes

St. Agnes was martyred around the year 304 during the reign of Diocletian.  She was only 13 years old, but had already consecrated her body and soul to God, whom she loved with great fervor.

Because she was so beautiful and wealthy, her many hopeful suitors became infuriated with her complete dedication to God, her claimed spouse.  She was turned in to be persecuted as a Christian, and many stories tell us she was confined to a brothel.  Men who came to look at her lustfully were stricken blind, although her intercessory prayers later restored their sight.

Agnes joyfully died a martyr’s death either by flame or sword, ready to meet her Savior in heaven.  She is one of the early martyrs mentioned in the Canon of the Mass.

We can rely on St. Agnes to pray for the purity of our children!

Prayer to St. Agnes

All-powerful and ever-living God,

You choose the weak in this world

to confound the powerful.

When we celebrate the memory of St. Agnes,

may we, like her, remain constant in our faith.



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