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A Book To Help You Get Your Kids To Heaven!

Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak’s new book, Discovering God Together: The Catholic Guide to Raising Faithful Kids will make you feel like it’s possible to guide your kids to heaven. The Popcaks begin their book with the question, “How do … Continue reading

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Better Than Ranch Dressing: The Art Of Distraction

“That’s me!” Her blue eyes sparkled as she smiled, and she pointed to the holy card pinched between  her chubby fingers.  I’d handed it to her out of desperation, hoping the pretty illustration would distract her from wriggling out of … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Create A Prayerful Home

As I’ve studied the Theology of the Body and pondered how to convey its concepts to my young children, I’ve focused on physical pursuits of virtue through the Corporal Works of Mercy.  Young children are naturally active.  They learn through … Continue reading

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Holier-Than-Thou…Or Truly Holy?

He shuffled his feet and looked up at my husband with troubled eyes. “Did you say it?  Did you say ‘Oh my G**?’ ” “No…I don’t think so…I don’t know…” My son glanced around the room as if he could … Continue reading

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How To Get 5 Kids Out The Door On Time

I’ve been reflecting on a virtue or a habit that our family as a whole could improve upon during this season of Advent.  I recently read an article titled, “No, You Are Not ‘Running Late,’ You Are Rude and Selfish.” … Continue reading

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Tips for Teaching TOB to a Nine-Year-Old

I was recently asked to provide tips for teaching the Theology of the Body to a nine-year-old on Paving the Path to Purity’s Facebook page. As I humbly take on this request, I admit that I am still learning like … Continue reading

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