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Feeding Your Family’s Soul Week 8: Honoring Mary

The policeman seemed to emerge from the shadows right next to our van, wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying his weapon in a defensive posture. He walked along the street, eyes darting, attempting to penetrate the darkness as he … Continue reading

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Preparing For Christmas, Preparing For Baby: What The Final Weeks Of Pregnancy Can Teach Us About Advent

I recently read an article in Our Sunday Visitor that was summarized: “Prepare for the coming of Jesus as you would prepare for the birth of your own child.” God has granted me a unique perspective during this year’s Advent … Continue reading

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When Prayer “Isn’t Working”

“We know that all things work for good for those who love God.” Romans 8:28 As the San Bernardino shooting adds to the long list of tragedies in our world, I’ve seen a few posts floating around on social media … Continue reading

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Help Your Children Hear The Voice Of God By Teaching Them To Love Mary

How do you explain to children what the voice of God sounds like?  There is only one God, but everyone’s experience with Him is unique.  He speaks to each of us in a way that inspires us to contribute to … Continue reading

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