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A Language That Reveals The Soul

“The body expresses the person” Saint John Paul II, Theology of the Body Surrounded by piles of books, my ten-year-old held his head in his hands and blinked back tears.  “I don’t know where to start!”  And before he could say … Continue reading

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Holier-Than-Thou…Or Truly Holy?

He shuffled his feet and looked up at my husband with troubled eyes. “Did you say it?  Did you say ‘Oh my G**?’ ” “No…I don’t think so…I don’t know…” My son glanced around the room as if he could … Continue reading

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Servant Hearts, Servant Bodies

Over 2000 years ago, a “yes” was spoken. But this wasn’t just an ordinary yes.  This was a fiat and a profound expression of the full scope of femininity in service to God’s will.  A willingness to give oneself, body … Continue reading

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The Kiss

It is so often taken for granted.  It is a hello, a goodbye, a habit.  And we forget that within this gesture is a piece of our heart.  Within this gift is the gift of ourselves–a gift that longs to … Continue reading

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Should Our Children Save Their First Kiss For Marriage?

My husband and I recently had a conversation about our children’s future dating lives.  We were discussing the idea of our children saving their first kiss for their wedding day.  While we both like the sentiment of our children saving … Continue reading

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Is It Time For Another One?

“Our hearts should be always asking, ‘What more, Lord?  What do you want of me?  What is still wanting?  Show me anything that is preventing your love having full scope in me.  Show me.’”  Sister Ruth Burrows, O.C.D. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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