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Servant Hearts, Servant Bodies

Over 2000 years ago, a “yes” was spoken. But this wasn’t just an ordinary yes.  This was a fiat and a profound expression of the full scope of femininity in service to God’s will.  A willingness to give oneself, body … Continue reading

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Wait! Don’t Put Up That Christmas Tree Yet!

Remember this? While quite spectacular and undeniably jaw-dropping, the San Diego fireworks display of 2012 was considered a mistake.  It was a disappointment and an “oops” of epic proportions.  But why?  Why wasn’t it considered breathtaking, beautiful, or magnificently perfect? … Continue reading

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How To Get 5 Kids Out The Door On Time

I’ve been reflecting on a virtue or a habit that our family as a whole could improve upon during this season of Advent.  I recently read an article titled, “No, You Are Not ‘Running Late,’ You Are Rude and Selfish.” … Continue reading

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